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New Family Information


New Family Information


Welcome to Excellence!


All information herein is current as of October, 2018. The information is subject to change. If policies or procedures change, we will provide timely written notice to parents. This information will also be made accessible in written form.

New Hope Christian Academy makes every effort to provide an excellent education for our students, and additionally strives to keep tuition and fees affordable. However, when our costs rise, we are at times forced to pass along the increase to our families. When tuition increases, we will provide timely notice to parents.

New Hope Education, Inc. is registered with the State of Texas as well as federally as a 501(c)(3) public charity. The charitable aspect of New Hope Ed is to partner with other not-for-profit agencies service homeless and at-risk families to provide low-cost, safe and loving childcare, while parents are rebuilding their lives and their homes. We also present affordable educational options for families desiring academic excellence in a small-classroom environment for their children. We welcome all families regardless of race, nationality, ethnic origin, physical challenges, or economic limitations.

The Nest is licensed through the State of Texas Department of Health and Human Services. Compliance information is found at, center number 1670658. The most recent state inspection is posted on the parent board at the center.

New Hope Christian Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and is currently pursuing accreditation with ACSI and AdvancedEd, to be in effect Spring/Summer 2019. NHCA is also a member of Texas Private Schools Association (TPSA), and the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS).


New Hope Education staff members are well trained to consider the safety and health of your students as top priority. This includes the physical, social and emotional, and spiritual safety of your child. Our staff continually analyzes and improves our physical safety plan for our facility and we work closely with safety officials. Spiritual safety is encouraged through allowing freedom within biblical boundaries. We create an environment where questions are allowed and encouraged.

Physical Safety: Teachers may request different food options from the parents to enhance the mental abilities of your student, as clear and precise cognition is closely related to the types of food that are consumed.

Your student will have opportunities to experience a variety of activities and will be enjoying outside play. All children will go outside for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, weather permitting, as many as 3 times a day. Our interior courtyards allow for time outside, which will be used as often as possible.

Daycare children are taken out routinely in the buggies for outside time, and take advantage of walks with their caregivers in the park.

Schedules are arranged so that there are always (2) teachers for any group at the park. Academy Administration has a no tolerance policy for any student that does not abide by established rules and instructions of teachers, with loss of privileges to play with classmates in the park for an indeterminate amount of time.

Teachers are kept informed of any concerns regarding the pickup of students, and will check all identification of anyone picking up a student outside the norm (those designated on the pickup information).

Our PreK and Kinder students will have a quiet rest time after lunch, as the academic rigor of our program may result in mental as well as physical fatigue. Sleep is not required, but quiet rest is expected. Our older students will also have appropriate “down time” incorporated into their schedules.

Our facility is cleaned and sanitized daily in an effort to cut down on the transmission of communicable diseases.  We encourage clean habits with our students and staff, and maintain notices throughout on proper handwashing and use of hand sanitizer.  

Emotional Safety: Educational experts are becoming more aware of the emotional and social safety of children. New Hope Education admin and staff pay close attention to the social and emotional wellbeing of our students, and receives direct attention in what we do on a daily basis. Our teachers demonstrate and encourage acceptance and appropriate peer relationships, working in cooperation with parents when needed. Appropriate character education is incorporated in all that we do, from sports, classroom activities, chapel and simple student interaction. Through a biblical worldview, teachers instill positive character traits throughout their entire day.

                    BULLYING: We have a no-tolerance policy for bullying, and encourage acceptance and tolerance of others, realizing that we are to model our behavior with others in a Christlike manner.New Hope Education defines bullying based on the definition as applied by the US Government, and acknowledged directly by the state of Texas:  “An Imbalance of Power: Kids who bully use their power—such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity—to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different situations, even if they involve the same people.  Repetition: Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once.  Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose." (

Spiritual Safety: Spiritual safety is strongly encouraged through building trust between teachers and students and allowing freedom within biblical boundaries. We work to create an environment where questions are allowed and encouraged. This is an area that is strongly considered even during our interview process with potential staff members, as we want teachers that will allow students to question and work through their beliefs based on the Word of God, not on doctrinal divisions.

Reporting Abuse or Neglect: If a parent suspects their child is a victim of abuse or neglect, please call and report to 800-252-4500. Texas Law requires caregivers to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Texas DPRS or law enforcement. Call 1-800-252-5400 to make confidential reports. Failure to report suspected abuse or neglect is a crime. Employers are prohibited from retaliating against caregivers who make reports in good faith. These instructions are also available on the web at or your local Licensing Office at 979/776-7498. New Hope Christian Academy’s head of school or the teacher will notify the Department of Protective Services, and/or the local law enforcement officials, when it appears that a child is being seriously neglected or abused.The Texas Family Code (sections§34.07) states regarding failure to report: (A) A person commits an offense if the person has cause to believe that a child’s physical or mental health or welfare has been or may be further adversely affected by abuse or neglect and knowingly fails to report it, in accordance with Section §34.02 of the code, (B) An offense Under this Section is a “Class B” Misdemeanor.

Bullying Policy: 

New Hope Education is committed to each student’s success in learning within a caring, responsive, and safe environment that is free of discrimination, violence, and bullying. Our school works to ensure that all students have the opportunity and support to develop to their fullest potential and share a personal and meaningful bond with people in the school community.

Each student at New Hope Christian Academy/The Nest has a right to:

Learn in a safe trusting, and loving  environment;

Be treated with respect; and,

Receive the help and support of caring New Hope staff and administration.  

Working together with staff, administration, students and families, New Hope develops the whole child through character training and service to others based on Christ's examples.  Developing a level of trust, students are encouraged to come forward and discuss any concerns for themselves or other classmates with adults.  

Diligent attention is given to the suspicion or report of bullying; if and when it is verified, the perpetrator will be suspended the first time, and possibly follow with expulsion. Bullying will not be tolerated at New Hope Education. 


All students, 3 – 36 months, are to be brought to class and are required to be signed in and out by a parent. Our 15th Street Entrance can be used to avoid carline for the Academy.

Attendance must be taken and all students signed out if leaving before the end of the school day. Our responsibility begins when a child in the care of a staff member and ends when the parents take him/her from the care of a staff member. Please do not allow children to wander off unattended or leave the building ahead of either the teacher or the parent/guardian. For safety purposes, only those listed on the enrollment forms as designated person for pick up will be permitted to leave with any child. If a circumstance should arise for someone other than those on the list to pick up a student, the list will need to be updated in advance. NHCA Staff will require a Valid ID for identification of an individual we do not recognize. Please encourage parents to inform those designated to pick up of our policy to present an ID. Please bear with us as we are getting accustomed to new faces.


For all current Academy students, morning and afternoon carpool system will be used. NHCA teachers are on carpool duty before and after school. Upon dismissal at the end of the school day, students are seated by grade inside the building lobby, and will be called for pick up. A carpool

form with the child’s name is provided in a parent packet is for the parent to display in the FRONT PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW each afternoon. By displaying the names of the students, staffers will learn who belongs in which car. The afternoon pick-up will go much faster and smoother with the use of the carpool forms. Teachers will keep daily attendance records electronically through our RenWeb School system.

Students using our afterschool care program will be signed in and out daily by a NHCA staff member upon departure with parent or parent-designated person.

*When dropping off students, routine positive departures will make their transition to school more comfortable.

Enrollment with New Hope Education is done through an online enrollment process. Parents are responsible for completing all enrollment forms for New Hope Christian Academy/The Nest prior to attendance.

The Health Information includes questions regarding a student’s immunizations, disease history, and medical needs. If there are any additional medical concerns, parents are encouraged to discuss with the teacher. With this form, we also request a copy of the child’s immunization records.

NHCA Afterschool Care Registration is required for those students needing care beyond the normal school day, from 3:30-6:00 pm daily. This program is currently available only for students at New Hope Christian Academy. At this time, New Hope Education is not providing transportation to and from other schools in the area.

Tuition is based on the facility and staffing we must have available in order to properly teach our students. We work to make it clear and precise for the parents, as the only fees paid are the application and enrollment fees. These fees cover costs of curriculum, supplies for general classroom use, science labs, art projects, programs, etc.    Therefore, if a student does not attend for any reason, tuition is NOT reduced, and fees are non-refundable. No reduction is given for unexpected closings, holidays, severe weather closings, absences, vacations, or domestic issues.

If parents are interested in reserving a spot for future enrollment, the application and enrollment fees must be paid to secure a spot for a student. Waitlisting: We've experienced the disappointment of discovering that a chosen private school program is full; that's why we maintain a waiting list for classes at The Nest/New Hope Christian Academy. To add a family's name to the waiting list, parents are requested to complete and submit the application form with the $150 fee. When a spot comes open, parents will have 24 hours to accept the spot, or it will go to the next person on the list. If a parent chooses another option before the spot comes available with New Hope Education, the $150 application fee will be returned.


Children are expected to attend on their regularly designated schedules. If there is any need for variation, we ask for a 24-hour notice (unless due to illness). For any flexible schedule parents, we ask you give us your schedules as soon as possible to accommodate for work schedules of The Nest staff.


All students are expected to attend regularly and arrive on time.

ABSENCES: The school should be notified by 9am the day of an absence if a student is to be out for an emergency or an illness. A planned absence must be requested at least 7 days prior to the absence to allow for the teacher to prepare assignments. A student who is absent 9 days in one semester is a risk of failure for that semester.

Extended Absences


We are aware that many families take extended time off throughout the calendar year, at which time your spot will be held. No refunds will be given for absences/vacations. As is customary, some families travel abroad for 2-3 months. Please note that for extended travel beyond 2 weeks, your tuition will still be required to hold your spot.


School is contracted annually for Kinder and older, so there is no refund available for extended absences/vacations during the school year.


School begins promptly at 8:15; any students arriving after 8:15 are considered tardy.


We ask our families to give us a 30-day notice in writing. If leaving prior to the 30 days, you will be contracted to pay for a full 30 days to cover any costs incurred.


Beginning with our Kinder program, you are contracted annually for the duration of the school year. This will encompass the school year based on the current school year calendar.  Please Note:  Once contracted, the yearly tuition is expected to be paid in full, regardless of attendance.

This does not include summer care, which can be purchased at an additional summer program fee. 

Payment Due Dates

All tuition payments will be set up through FACTS Tuition Management, unless you pay tuition in full prior to the start of the school year. The automatic payments for the month through FACTS Tuition Management are automatically set for the 5th and/or the 20th of the month. During the enrollment process, you can customize your dates of automatic payments if those dates do not fit into your payment schedule.


Any incidental fees incurred during the school year (lunches, field trips, afterschool care etc.) will be billed through FACTS Tuition Management.

Late Fees

A 5% monthly finance charge on all charges will be added to any past due outstanding balance with the minimum late charge being $5.00. This includes tuition payments as well as other charges billed on the school account.

ACH/CC agreements: If a payment returns twice, FACTS will assess 5% of the amount that is processing for that payment as the late fee. For ACH/CC late fees will be apply to the next scheduled payment.

Incidentals/Invoice agreements: It is 5% or $5.00 whichever is greater and no grace period.


Monthly tuition payments will be scheduled through FACTS on the 5th or the 20th of each month (or the dates of your choosing) by automatic bank draft. You will not receive a statement for your tuition balance. Incidental charges added to your account are uploaded to FACTS each month. You will receive a notice from FACTS that you have new charges. You may view those charges and authorize payment by bank draft through FACTS. Failure to receive a bill does NOT relieve a family of their responsibility to pay the total balance on time. You may view your account online through RenWeb. However, please note that it takes a week to 10 days for your payments through FACTS to be posted onto your RenWeb account.

Tax Statements

A statement will be provided before January 31st of each year for those who plan to expense childcare when filing taxes with the IRS. Please make arrangements to pick up these forms; they will not be mailed.


Back pack or diaper bag

Diapers and diaper cream*

Extra clothing, including socks

Sleep sack if needed or desired for napping (No swaddle allowed unless designated by physician)

Lunch food/drink, formula or breast milk

(All parents are required to fill out a feeding-instructions form for any child through 12 months)

*diaper changing wipes are provided by The Nest; the only time parents are asked to provide,

is if your child develops any allergies to what we are using. We will use all natural, unscented wipes.


Full size backpack

NIV Bible (teachers may request a specific publisher, as it aids in classroom discussions).

Earbuds or headphones (inexpensive ones are preferred)

All necessary school supplies are provided by New Hope Christian Academy

Lunch Monday – Thursdays (Can also bring on Friday); lunch money for Fridays ($5 for lunch from Ye Ole Butcher Shop, Jason’s Deli, PeiWei,Marco’s Pizza )

Additional for PreK and Kinder:

PREK3/4 – blanket or nap roll, and a “lovie” (something to hug for rest time), extra set of clothes (including socks)

KINDERGARTEN – blanket or nap roll, and a “lovie” (something for rest time), extra set of clothing

Children/students are strongly discouraged to bring personal belongings, such as toys, iPad, etc. from home, unless as a special project designated by a teacher. New Hope Christian Academy will not assume responsibility for any items brought from home. We will not replace lost articles. Please mark all personal items for easy identification, such as coats, sweaters, gloves, blankets, etc.


Children should be dressed comfortably, with clothing that allows for movement. Once a child begins walking, please be sure to send closed toed shoes. For infants 3-12 months, nothing extra can be in the crib at naptime, so please dress comfortably for sleep. The staff can change children into sleep sacks in which their arms have freedom, but no blankets or lovies allowed. Swaddles are not allowed unless accompanied with a physician-signed sleep exception form.

NHCA Kindergarten – 6th grade

Students are to wear the designated uniforms selected for New Hope Christian Academy through French Toast Uniforms. The selections can be found here: Several of the selected items can be purchased through JC Penney, Target, and Costco. Please be sure to note that not all items sold in the retail store are part of the selected items for New Hope Christian Academy. Items can be purchased online through the French Toast Schoolbox. For the 2017-18 school year, we will not require a school crest or logo. Only the French Toast Uniform hoodie (with hood off) or French Toast Uniform sweaters may be worn inside the school. Shirts are to be tucked in, with belts for any pants/shorts with belt loops. All skirts, skorts and shorts worn at New Hope Christian Academy should be of modest length.

All students are to wear closed-toe shoes with socks (can be no-show socks). No fur lined boots or shoes are allowed; only midcalf boots or booties, no knee-high boots. Hair styles should be neat and out of the face, with no extreme hair styles or colors. NHCA administration reserves the right to determine whether a hairstyle is not appropriate for New Hope Christian Academy with regard to length, color, and style. New Hope Christian Academy Administration expects modesty in apparel at all school and school sponsored, extracurricular activities and events.

PreK3 – PreK4

PreK students are not required to wear uniforms. Modest clothing appropriate for activity is expected. Please send students in elastic wasted pants, as it is helpful when encouraging independence with bathroom habits. PreK students should wear closed toe shoes with socks. No crocs and no sandals please.

Students are asked to bring a healthy lunch Monday through Thursday for Students K-6th. We ask that parents please limit the sugar/preservatives in lunch food, snacks and drinks Students may bring something for a snack to have at an appointed time by the teacher throughout the day.

NHCA will provide a special lunch schedule for Fridays for the K – 6th grade students.

Special daycare needs: The parents are responsible for the student’s daily nutrition. A student should bring a lunch daily. All students 6-12 months, are required to fill out an infant feeding form, and update it every 30 days.

At New Hope Education, your child will develop self-discipline & constructive self-management of conflicts through positive guidance & understanding that every action has a logical consequence. Our behavior management style is positive discipline and statements, which tell a child what to do rather than what not to do, promoting a more positive environment for learning and nurturing self-esteem. By using encouragement as an incentive for behaving appropriately, we can build a child's positive self-image and sense of individuality. Our ultimate goal is to create a positive environment to prevent discipline problems in the classrooms. We will do this by using the following methods:

The basis of our discipline is through Love and Logic (TM), using discipline as a tool to teach responsibility and appropriate actions.

Establish a Predictable Routine - Have an established a daily routing that allows students to follow a consistent routine and schedule.

Set a Good Example – students love to imitate adults as well as older children. We will care for each other and demonstrate warm and caring relationships throughout our day. Students build trust in relationships though the power of positive words and gestures.

Praise - Effective praising encourages learning, independence, and strong self-esteem in students. The key to effective praise is to be a coach more than a cheerleader. We will always explain to a child how they did something worthy of praise rather than merely saying, "good job." Effective praise inspires positive thinking.

Redirect - Providing an alternative activity may be the solution when natural curiosity interferes with the activities of other students or important tasks being performed by staff. Redirection occurs when a child is engaged in unacceptable behavior that merely needs simple correction.

While creating a positive environment will prevent some discipline problems, our staff will be trained to handle problems as they occur. Behavior modifications will begin with re-direction, warnings, if-then statements, then recovery time away from the group or activity. A discussion of inappropriate action or behavior to help the student understand what is and is not appropriate will occur.

Once we have attempted positive reinforcement, redirection, or removal from an activity, and a child continues the unacceptable behavior, the administration at New Hope Christian Academy and The Nest reserve the right to follow with a one-day suspension or possible expulsion from the school.

When parents have a concern, question, or comment, the student’s teachers should be the first contact. They are usually able to answer questions, not only about classroom procedure, but also more general questions about child development. If there are questions or concerns, which teachers cannot address, parents are to ask Angela Groves, or DeeDee Mims, Head of School.

Please respect the teacher’s time, as the first responsibility for a teacher is to meet the needs of his/her students. Discussions of any length beyond a few minutes should take place with an appointment, as this may divert attention away from the students in the classroom, and can also interfere with carline safety. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter.

All emails received prior to 5pm will be answered the same day, but understand they may not be answered until the teacher has the time after school. Any emails or phone calls after 5pm may

not be answered until the following day. If you have a situation that needs immediate attention, please call 972-656-9951, or you may call Mrs. Mims at 214-632-6465.

Having a diverse population is important to New Hope Christian Academy; not only with our students, but also within our teacher population. We want to enhance the educational experience through working side by side with students and teachers of different backgrounds, abilities, and cultures. We believe this will enable us all to effectively and cooperatively function in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment. 

New Hope Education will not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, ethnic origin, or physical challenges, and allows equal access to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to all students associated with New Hope Education.


New Hope Education has secured CPR and First Aid Certification for all staff members in an effort to ensure the safety of your student while in our care. Unfortunately, accidents may occur. We have implemented the following procedures, should your child experience an injury while at our center.

The teacher will immediately advise the administrative staff. The admin staff will determine the severity of the injury (i.e., scrapes, bumps, bruises, etc.) and will administer first aid. It will be followed with an accident report to the parents by email and also input into the student’s health file.

In case of a serious accident or injury, EMS (911) will be contacted first. Within the limits of their ability, staff members will administer first aid. We will make every attempt to contact parents immediately. If we cannot reach the parents, we will call the person indicated on the forms to make medical decisions for each student. If we cannot reach parents, we will release student into the custody of the emergency paramedics to transport for immediate medical care. Staff is prohibited from transporting an injured child. A staff member will remain with the child until a parent arrives.

Any medical bills that may arise from an accident are the responsibility of the parent.

Children's Illness

Every effort is made by staff to prevent the spread of disease. Even with precautions, children entering care are likely to experience an increase in mild illnesses. The frequency and severity of these will vary from child to child. However, an average child under the age of five has six to twelve mild illnesses per year.

When a child is ill, they need a special level of attention and care, and we are not able to provide that care for one child, because we must also consider the rest of the children. Also, when ill children are at the school, they are potentially spreading germs to other children and to staff. In addition, an ill child is vulnerable to catching a second illness while their immune system is overworked.

If your child is so ill that special care is needed, and he/she is not able to participate normally in school activities, he/she should remain at home. If a student becomes ill at school, parents will be called upon to take the student home. In the event that a student becomes ill and we cannot locate a parent, we will contact the person(s) designated on emergency care forms, and ask them to pick up the child. The admin staff is the final judge of the severity of illness.

The following conditions are causes for exclusion from the school:

• Fever over 100 degrees. Children should stay at home at least 24 hours after a normal temperature is achieved WITHOUT the help of fever-reducing medications. For example, if a child goes home on Monday with a fever, they may come back to the school on Wednesday, if the temperature was normal on Tuesday. The 24- hour waiting period allows a child's immune system to regain strength.

• Fever over 99 degrees with a stiff neck or back. Children may return only with a doctor's written permission.

• Diarrhea (watery, bad-smelling stools more than once in succession). Children may return when normal function returns.

• Vomiting (two or more episodes in the last 24 hours). Children may return when they can retain a light meal.

• Persistent hacking or congested cough with sore throat (very red or blistered throat). Children may return with doctor's written permission.

• Green nasal discharge (indicated a respiratory infection which requires treatment) Children may return with doctor's written permission.

• Difficulty in breathing to the point where child is very uncomfortable or unable to sleep normally.

• Convulsions

• Persistent pain in abdomen

• Swelling, redness, or throbbing in an injured part of the body

• Undiagnosed profuse rash or blisters on parts of the body

• Unexpected profuse sweating

• Head lice Children may return after treatment and removal of all nits.

• Infectious skin or eye conditions (such as ringworm, impetigo, or pink eye) Children may return 24 hours after treatment with an antibiotic is begun.

If at any time a child is inconsolable by our staff, parents will be called to pick up the child.


The New Hope Education admin staff may administer FDA approved (no herbal) medicine. If a child must take medicine during school hours, the parent must send to the school a permission slip stating the medicine and dosage to be given and the time it is to be administered. This includes all nonprescription drugs, including Tylenol or Advil. All medication, prescription or non-prescription, must be in the original container labeled with the child’s full name and the date brought to the school. Medication will only be administered as stated on the label’s directions, or as amended in writing by the child’s healthcare professional.

If a child has a recurring medical condition, such as asthma or allergic reactions, the child's parent or health care provider may sign a medication authorization form allowing the school admin staff to administer the medication when symptoms occur for up to a six-month period. The written permission by the health care provider must be reinstated every six months.

For all children in our school, the parent must provide sunscreen and bug repellent labeled with the child's name as well as a parent's signature on the container in order for the staff to administer the product. Exception: Parent authorization is not required if administering a medication to a child is in a medical emergency to prevent death or serious bodily injury of the child.

Suncreen or bugspray: If a student requires sunscreen or bugspray, parents must provide that for the student. It will be applied according to written instructions on the container. The container must have the child’s first and last name written on it.


Immunizations are required of all children attending childcare in the state of Texas. You must show proof of the appropriate immunizations BEFORE your child can attend any classes at New Hope Education. Your physician must sign an Immunization Form to be kept in your child’s file. We understand that there may sometimes be a medical reason not to give an immunization on the scheduled time. However, unless we have a written note signed by your child's physician, we are not allowed to make any exceptions.

Exception: Exceptions for immunization requirements must meet criteria specified by the Texas Department of State Health Services rules in 25 TAC§ 97.62 (relating to Exclusions from Compliance). You must contact the local health department to receive an affidavit that you must provide to us in lieu of the immunization record.

Every child four (4) years of age or older is required to have a vision and hearing screening yearly. Your child’s physician can do this. We must have current record of this screening for your child to be in our care. TB testing is not required by the county for children to attend.

New Hope Education administration recommends that all staff members obtain flu shots annually.

In the event of an emergency, operating procedures are in place to ensure the safety of children.

Evacuation Plans:

All employees are responsible for moving children to the designated safe area.

Emergency evacuation & relocation diagrams are located in areas specified by local authorities.

In some circumstances, parents will be called upon to pick up their children. As needed, the local authorities will be called to aid in the transportation of the children to an alternate shelter away from the center.

Alternate shelter: Plano Police Station,909 E. 14th Street, directly across from New Hope Christian Academy; secondary location, Art Centre of Plano, 902 E 16th Street.

Upon departure and arrival, the teachers will have a list of all children for which to take an account. Together, the New Hope Education Staff will verify that all students are present.

The Head of School or Admin Assistant is responsible for calling the local authorities needed such as: fire department, ambulance, local police or sheriff, poison control, and DFPS Childcare Licensing.

The Head of School or Admin Assistant is responsible for securing children's emergency numbers, emergency medical authorizations, and attendance sheets during an emergency. Contact will be made with parents via email and text to a smart phone through the Remind App.

Sign Up Procedure for Emergency Contact System

Sign up for important updates* from New Hope Education right on your phone through the Remind App.

Select a way to receive messages for New Hope Student Body:

A. If you have a smartphone, get push notifications.

1. On your iPhone or Android phone, open your web browser and go to the following link:

2. Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind. You’ll be prompted to download the mobile app.

3. Join New Hope Student Body; include Full Name (First and Last Name),Phone Number or Email Address.

B. If you don’t have a smartphone, get text notifications.

1. Text the message @a2dg6 to the number 81010.

2. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @a2dg6 to (201) 654-0230. Standard text message rates apply.

C. Don’t have a mobile phone? Go to on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.

*This will only be used in emergency situations.

Emergency Drills

Emergency Fire Drills are held monthly and Severe Weather/Lockdown/Evacuate Drills are held every three months to ensure children are accustom to emergency evacuation and relocation procedures.

If you are interested to know more, feel free to ask administration for a copy of  the New Hope Education Emergency Procedure Handbook.

New Hope Education will close for emergency weather conditions based on the decision of Plano ISD. When possible, a decision will be made by the Head of School by 6:00 a.m. on the day in question as to whether classes will be held. Visit for information regarding possible inclement weather closings.

Parent/Child Interaction

Parents are welcome to visit New Hope Education any time during the hours of operation. We also have opportunities for volunteering in the classroom. For younger students, please consider the adjustment of your child when coming and going from the classroom. Please check in at the front desk and acquire a visitor’s badge.

Hiring of School Staff for Employment Away from School

In order to maintain the school’s confidentiality and professionalism, persons employed as staff at or by the school must obtain prior approval from the head of school before engaging in temporary employment as a caregiver or babysitter for any parent/guardian who has a child and/or siblings of a student enrolled at the school.


Bullying Policy

New Hope Education is committed to each student’s success in learning within a caring, responsive, and safe environment that is free of discrimination, violence, and bullying. Our school works to ensure that all students have the opportunity and support to develop to their fullest potential and share a personal and meaningful bond with people in the school community.

Each student at New Hope Christian Academy/The Nest has a right to:
Learn in a safe trusting, and loving  environment;
Be treated with respect; and,
Receive the help and support of caring New Hope staff and administration.  

Working together with staff, administration, students and families, New Hope develops the whole child through character training and service to others based on Christ's examples.  Developing a level of trust, students are encouraged to come forward and discuss any concerns for themselves or other classmates with adults.  

Diligent attention is given to the suspicion or report of bullying; if and when it is verified, the perpetrator will be suspended the first time, and possibly follow with expulsion. Bullying will not be tolerated at New Hope Education. 



Gang-Free Zone

Under the Texas Penal Code, any area within 1000 feet of a child-care center is a gang-free zone, where criminal offenses related to organized criminal activity are subject to harsher penalty.

State Licensing Information on The Nest can be accessed in the following ways:

Most recent Licensing Inspection will be posted at the center on the parent board.

Compliance information is found at; our center licensing number is 1670658.