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Community/Urban Living


Our Community

We LOVE being in Historic Downtown Plano!

There are so many things to do within walking distance.  
Here are a few of the places we like:


 We love the Art Centre! We
participate in many events
here, and love the art!
Georgia's Farmer's Market-  
We love to go here!
Plano Police Station - we love 
going over there. This is one of 
our favorite statues. Our local 
police officer comes to the park
on a bicycle!

Ye Ole Butcher Shop - we get
lunchfrom the Butcher Shop
every Friday!
Playground at Haggard Park -
we go here every day when 
the weather is nice!  Its like
taking a field trip every day!
The Interurban Rail Museum
is also located at Haggard
Park.  Our preschool kids
go to story hour on Fridays!

First Christian Church of
Plano - this is where we 
have our school! You will
love our chapel!
Another picture of Haggard Park -
it is so pretty there!
Plano Fire Station #1 - They
brought the firetruck to us!  
They were so nice, so we took
them cookies.