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5-Day Program or 3-Day Enriched Blended Learning


Five-Day Traditional Learning Program

New Hope Christian Academy operates a five-day, traditional program of education. Nothing, though, is outdated in our approach to teaching, as our teachers use a multitude of techniques, delivery models, tools, and methods to everything we teach.  Hands-on, experiential, and collaborative ways to learn are just a few of the exciting ways our teachers work with the students to make learning fun. Interspersed throughout the day, the students have recess, PE, brain breaks and lots of activity, to keep their brains ready for learning. 

Three-Day Enriched Blended Learning Program

Blended learning combines the best of in-person classroom teaching with online technology to personalize instruction.

  • Continues with the New Hope individualized learning model by working within the needs and skills of the student through classroom instruction and at-home assignments.
  • Teachers use assessments and data to better understand each student’s individual learning level and guide content and activities that challenge them at their appropriate pace.
  • Students are mentored, empowered and responsible for doing the thinking in the classroom and own the process of learning, acting on their understanding of where they are in the learning journey.

New Hope Christian Academy has traditionally been a five-day school of excellence in all areas of academics, leadership and spiritual mentoring. With our low classroom ratios, teachers work one-on-one with students to address the individual needs, skills, and interests of each learner. Because that is our standard model with our five-day program, it is an easy assimilation to carry that same method of teaching to a blended program. 

We are now offering a blended learning program for families to consider.  It integrates home and school more directly for parents who desire to more participation in the education of their student.  Still with the same goal of producing godly men and women through the teaching biblical truth, developing Christian leadership and exercising compassion, this program coincides and participates directly alongside our five-day program.  

New Hope Christian Academy’s Enriched Blended Learning Program will consist of three days on Campus (MWF, with Fridays optional) and two days home, working through NHCA Learning Management System.  Available for 3rd grade and up; special consideration given for specific needs in lower grades, based on approval of administration. The on-campus days will involve the student being directly in the classroom with our five-day students at each grade level.  Tuesdays/Thursdays are spent at home under the guidance of parents, completing assignments through our Learning Management System.