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Welcome Future Eagles!


Welcome to New Hope Christian Academy!

New Hope Christian Academy

We invite you to SOAR with the New Hope Eagles!

Isaiah 40:31 "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,they will walk and not be faint.

New Hope Christian Academy staff, from the beginning of the school's inception, knew that we needed to have the Eagle as our mascot.  The Eagle, along with our name and our theme verse, has been a significant factor in the establishment of who we are and  the standards that we set for our staff as well as our students.  Consider some of the Eagle's characteristics:

  • Eagles Are Master Fliers: They can fly to heights that no other bird can. They are known to soar; literally soaring at times , with their wings being spread straight out and no flapping being done. In the same way we can be taken to heights that we may have never dreamed possible if we will just learn how to be led be the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.

  • Eagles Are Master Fishermen: They are absolute masters at hunting, whether that prey be on land or in the water. We, as Christians, have been called by the Lord to be “fishers of men,”; personal evangelism within our own circle of influence is something that each and every Christian can do for the Lord.

  • Eagles Fly Alone: For the most part you will always see them flying alone in the skies. The Bible also tells us that many are called but few are chosen. There are times we are to walk alone whe God gives us a specific task or mission.

  • Eagles Are Extremely Bold, Courageous, and Powerful: Eagles have been seen engaging with poisonous snakes and mastering a conflict with an animal 3-4 times its size. They have been seen going right through major storm clouds, where most birds will fly away and hide in safety until the storm has passed. As Christians, God is calling all of us to become good and mighty soldiers of Jesus Christ so you can do great and mighty things in the calling that He has personally placed on your life.

  • Eagles Are Very Patient: The eagle will wait for an hour or two to capture a rabbit coming out if his hole. In the same way, we all need the patience of the eagle; we all need the patience of God operating through us so we can weather the storm clouds of this turbulent life.

NHCA  students are challenged to exercise these same characteristics.  We tell our students that as an NHCA Eagle, you can learn to SOAR!

S - Show respect to others

O - Own your actions

A - Accept differences in others

R - Realize your potential