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Rigorous Academics


Academic Excellence - Rigorous Academics

Academic Rigor at New Hope Christian Academy

Rigor refers to the line between challenging and frustrating a student. Our students at New Hope Christian Academy are challenged to think, perform, and grow to a level that they were not at previously. They are encouraged and taught to build skills, understanding, and thinking power so they can achieve at higher levels. It means that the standards of the courses are calibrated so that students are compelled to grow, but are not overwhelmed in the process.  Curriculum is designed to allow the teacher to support and motivate each student individually, enabling academic growth and success.  The teacher sets high expectations, while at the same time creating an environment that is conducive for academic growth. 

An education at New Hope Christian Academy promotes critical thinking and problems solving; collaboration and leadership; initiative and adaptability; and accessing and analyzing information. The students are taught effective written and communication skills, and their own curiosities and imaginations are directed effectively to enhance their learning process.