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Academic Excellence


Academic Excellence


New Hope Christian Academy

Commitment to Academic Excellence

"Compassion through God's Love, Leadership through God's Example, Knowledge through God's Wisdom": these three areas are important to the academic excellence that is New Hope.  For a student to be academically prepared, knowing compassion and leadership qualities become as important as reading, writing, and math.  So an all-encompassing education at New Hope Christian Academy is not complete without all three areas. Therefore, you will find spiritual development and outreach as an important part of the academics at New Hope.

Our curriculum at New Hope Christian Academy is mapped out from PreK3 through each grade level to ensure that the students follow a developmentally-appropriate, logical sequence of learning (and review) from one grade to the next. Our program holds fast to laying a firm foundation; reading, writing, and arithmetic recieve ample class time, and complimentary disciplines (science, history, arts, and technology) are introduced and explored. Teachers collaborate and benefit from each other's strengths across grade levels to insure appropriate vertical alignment.

We have chosen curriculum for each grade level in every subject area that we believe is challenging and interesting. We continue to evaluate and adjust our curriculum as needed, bringing in more effective tools and methodologies that enhance our program. Because of our commitment to excellence our curriculum, spiritual teaching and outward focus will remain strong.