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School Board


School Board


 Pictured from left to right: Troy Geesaman, Jim Mims, Austin Stratton, Paul Lopez, DeeDee Mims, Tim Groves
Not Pictured:  Melissa Hailey, Richard Fricks


The School Board of New Hope Christian Academy has been very much a part of New Hope from the beginning.  These members come with extensive business backgrounds, but still maintain the ministry focus of running a Christian school.  First and foremost are the needs of the students, but they are also giving godly oversight to the finances, as well as consider the signficance of providing a great working environment for the staff. Mr. Tim Groves is our campus pastor, giving guidance and spiritual support to our families, our staff, and our board.   For more information or questions pertaining to the running of the school, contact the head of the school board, Mr. Jim Mims, at