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Phoebe Young - Preschool




Phoebe Young, NHCA Educator

I have wanted to teach for as long as I can remember. While attending the University of Arkansas to study Spanish, I found a love for working with preschool-aged children. Children that age are such eager learners! I find such joy helping children learn new things and achieve independence. Teaching in a Christian school allows me to share God's love for us and others. What an awesome experience to witness a child telling others about God and His love for them!

Most recent teaching positions:
K3 Teacher - New Hope Christian Academy (2017 - Present)
K3 Teacher - Canyon Creek Christian Academy (2012-2017)
Kinder and Preschool Spanish teacher - CCCA (2015-2017)
Canyon Creek Learning Center Toddler teacher(2009-2012)

Highlights of teaching experiences:

There are many things I love about teaching Pre-K, but my favorite thing is getting the opportunity to encourage children to become more independent. A child's face just lights up when he accomplishes a task with which he has struggled. I recently had a student that really struggled with packing and unpacking his backpack. Each day we practiced. Then we began to pray together that God would help him get his backpack together without my help. He especially struggled with the zipper - that part is hard! The day that he packed up his backpack, including the zipper, was momentous! I will never forget the look on his face and the excitement in his sweet voice as we celebrated his independence! I'm not sure about what he was more excited; packing his backpack or God's answered prayer for help!

I was so excited when the opportunity to teach Preschool and Kindergarten Spanish became available. Seeing young children eagerly embrace a different language is thrilling. Our Spanish lessons are taught through a conversational curriculum that includes fun songs, short videos, finger plays, stories and coloring activities. The children seem to really enjoy learning through these fun and interactive activities.

Teaching credentials:
Child Development Associate (CDA) 2015
BA Spanish (in process)