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Our Story


Story of New Hope Christian Academy


Our Story


Our story is truly a God story.  After the closing of an established Christian school in the area, a team of teachers and several families were not willing to lose the excellence in education and community that was developed over the last several years.   New Hope Christian Academy began as a desire in the hearts of these teachers to provide a local community school with biblical values, as well as academic excellence, individualized instruction and experiential learning. These educators stepped out in faith, expecting God to make it happen. Within a matter of weeks, a team of parents, teachers and business professionals collaboratively developed a plan, and New Hope Christian Academy was established. Our urban location provides a unique opportunity to experience community in a distinctive way.

Viewing each child as a unique creation of God and designed for a specific purpose, the NHCA teachers and staff are committed to teaching truth, while facilitating the learning process. They work alongside parents to provide an exceptional education for each child attending New Hope Christian Academy. Our desire is for New Hope Christian Academy  to be available for all families who desire Christian education, regardless of race, physical challenges, or economic limitations. 


Students praying around the flag outside the Plano Police Station