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Kayla Godwin - Lower Elementary First Grade



Kayla Godwin, NHCA Educator

Starting at a young age I knew I wanted to be a teacher. God planted a desire in my heart as early as 2nd grade. The desire that began at a young age never faltered, and God continued to prepare me for the plan He had for my life. As I grew into a teenager I decided to attend Boston Baptist College. While attending college I received an excellent education to prepare me to teach. I also grew in my Christian walk and knowledge of the scriptures, developing a biblical world view I now use daily as I teach.  Initially I believed I would teach in a public school, as I had attended public school; but God had another plan for my life. Before I walked across the stage and received my diploma, I had a teaching position at a Christian school. This job was completely God, and not something for which I sought. I am so grateful I was given that opportunity, because it transformed the call on my life. I fell in love with Christian education; the opportunity to teach more than academics by teaching children about the Lord and His Word has truly fulfilled my calling. I love that I am able to bring God’s Word into every aspect of my classroom!

Most Recent Teaching Positions:
1st/2nd Grade - New Hope Christian Academy (2017 - present)
Kindergarten – Canyon Creek Christian Academy (2013- 2017)
1st / 2nd Grade – VERITAS Christian Academy (2012-2013)

Highlights of Teaching Experience:

One of the greatest highlights of my teaching experience has been watching God changep the life of a young boy right before my eyes. It was honor and a joy to watch how the love of teachers, administrators and the Lord changed this little boy. This specific child had struggled for several years with behavior, which in turn made it difficult for him to learn or enjoy school. The year I had him in Kindergarten started out rough for him like many others years; in addition, I was pregnant with my first child. This boy would get angry and struggled to express his emotions. As the year progressed and God worked in his life, he began to love the child growing inside me. He would protect me, and even told me he was my son’s big brother. Not only did I see a major transformation in actions and behavior, but I also saw change in his academics. I saw him grow as a reader and truly get excited about what he was learning. It was a great year for him. But nothing gave me greater joy than one day the following year; he walked into to school saying “Mrs. Godwin! Mrs. Godwin! Guess what? I asked Jesus into my heart!”

Teaching Credentials:
Bachelor of Biblical studies with a Minor in Education – Boston Baptist College (2012)