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Ceci Lopez - Lower Elementary Kindergarten



Ceci Lopez, NHCA Educator

God’s calling in my life to be a Christian educator was a gradual one. I have always enjoyed working with children and took a special interest in children with learning differences. Shortly after graduating from college, I accepted Christ as my Savior.

My first years of teaching were in the public school. I grew as a believer, and I began to have a strong desire to serve God as a Christian educator. God used me first at home in raising my own children before allowing me to teach in a Christian school.

I love getting to know and serve the families in my class! In addition to providing a nurturing and safe environment where students will learn to love school and learning, it is my heart’s desire to see children grow in their love for God and His Word.

Most recent teaching positions:
Kindergarten Teacher - New Hope Christian Academy (2017 - Present)
K4 Teacher - Canyon Creek Christian Academy (2015 – 2017)
Search & Teach Instructor – Canyon Creek Christian Academy (2007 – 2013)

Highlights of teaching experiences:

One of the highlights of my teaching experiences was having an unchurched student fall in love with Bible time in our class and weekly chapel time. Every Bible story was followed by many questions and a desire to hear more. After giving each student a Bible at Christmas, this student and his Mom began reading it together. His Mom even shared that because she had very little knowledge of God’s Word, she had to study the Bible stories prior to reading it with her son, so she would be prepared for his questions. I continue to pray that this student will continue to hunger and thirst after God’s Word and that the seeds planted in my class will lead to his salvation and a life lived for Christ.

As a Pre-Kindergarten teacher, I have the privilege and honor of teaching children how to read! From having students learn to recognize letters, to letter/sound relationships, to blending letters to form words, I never get weary of seeing the face of child light up when they realize that they are able to read! As a Christian educator, the ultimate goal of teaching a child to read is so that one day they will be able to read God’s Word!

Teaching credentials:
Bachelor of Science in Education from University of Texas at Austin (1984)
Elementary Self-Contained, Grades 1st – 8th (TEA Lifetime Certification)
Elementary Spanish, Grades 1st – 8th (TEA Lifetime Certification)
Intellectual Disability, Grades PK – 12th (TEA Lifetime Certification)
Trained as a Search & Teach Instructor, early identification & early intervention program for young learners who may at risk for reading difficulties (National Institute for Learning Development)